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"Professionals who are used to exercising their expertise within the confines of their disciplines are now challenged to confront issues at the interface of their expertise and the expertise in allied fields of knowledge." - Colin I. Bradford, Beyond the Washington Consensus

Consulting Clients

"I have been working in China delivering health care to Chinese orphans for over a decade. It became clear that if we wanted to impact the health care delivery system something different that teaching providers was needed. International Healthcare Leadership (IHL) was born. Starting a new not for profit however is never easy even if you have been in the business for a long time. We were referred to Globalhood, Inc. and were fortunate to meet and work with Eugenio Cano. Eugenio has a unique set of skills in management, law, culture, international governance and language that made him the perfect consultant. He is intelligent and insightful. He is practical, to the point, always timely, always available and delivered a great product. The IHL board met for the first time two weeks ago – a web based meeting that was carried on simultaneously in Beijing and in New York – a number of the board members were suggested by Mr. Cano allowing us to jump start the organization. We have recently cemented our corporate status and have our 501(c)3 pending – this would not be happening were it not for Mr. Cano’s work, his excellent staff and his perceptive referrals to other competent professionals."-- Globalhood Consulting client, 2009

"The report is a thing of beauty. While I had the opportunity to pour over the advance copy, it was an excellent document to re-read and I'm sure we will be referring back to it often."-- Globalhood Consulting client, 2009

"Without the support of Globalhood, this would not have been possible. I remember almost to the month and date the encouragement I have got when I was on the verge of giving up....Last night was one of the few evenings when I returned from work and i felt a deep sense of peace because I felt that we all had achieved something: the peace was not just about 'giving', because I have given or donated time or money to charities: it was about getting something off the ground. And for that, I must thank the critical role that your team has played and will continue to play..."-- Globalhood Incubation client, April 2008

The International Healthcare Leadership addresses the current systemic barriers encountered in the Chinese healthcare by building expertise in healthcare policy and management. Through its five-week executive training program, IHL trains healthcare executives and policy makers in collaboration between Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and Renmin National University of China. IHL is a program developed through the Children of China Pediatrics Foundation (CCPF), a non-profit organization that sends healthcare professionals to perform life-changing surgeries on disabled children living in China's orphanages.

From September 2008 to January 2009, Globalhood provided consultancy services to IHL in fundraising and development, board development and recruitment, and strategic planning. In addition, Globalhood created marketing tools and promotional material that includes designing a web site and logotypes. Globalhood assembled a multidisciplinary team of consultants and advisors with expertise in anthropology, sociology, fundraising, management, international policy development, and program evaluation, and with regional and cultural expertise in China. In addition, Globalhood's Singapore-based staff as well as its greater Asian regional contacts contributed significantly to this consulting engagement with advice, guidance and contacts.[more info]

This project was a new collaboration in 2009 between Globalhood and Family Justice, providing at-risk East New York youth with opportunities to develop and share their talents in the basics of acting, photography, poetry, and spoken word, while learning about creative career opportunities in the arts...locally and internationally. [more info]

HITIP provides support to improve the quality of life for marginalized indigenous Tikar and Pygmy people in Cameroon. HITIP collaborates with local communities to implement sustainable health and education projects to meet the needs of at-risk individuals. [more info]

Profits for People

Globalhood was engaged with 'Profits for People' from May to December, 2007. During this time, we took them on as an incubation client and provided them with services that included: financial consulting, logo design and branding, organizational development and strategic planning, and advice on how to integrate sustainable and equitable social development outcomes into their overall plan. Globalhood Staff spent approximately 52 hours of pro-bono time working on the GH-PfP engagement.

Although after winning the Stern Business Plan contest, PfP was already an incubator of the prestigious NYU Stern Business School, they felt that there were many services that Stern was not able to provide them that Globalhood would be apt to provide. Profits for People was an early stage start-up with limited seed funding. They worked over the course of one year to create economic opportunities for people living in rural communities in India, however, they faced significant challenges and their pilot project did not meet their organizational goals, both in terms of scale as well as in terms of feasibility. They are currently evaluating next steps and working on creating a renewed strategy for the organization.

According to one of the two Profits for People co-founders, "Globalhood has been a great partner, especially supporting us with our marketing and branding strategy. The staff members...have been patient and supportive...We are enthusiastic supporters and ambassadors of Globalhood, and strongly believe in the organization's model."

Unified for Global Healing

UFGH is a nonprofit organization that employs a culturally competent and multidisciplinary approach to promote health education and provide health services to under served communities around the world. Their diverse professional network of volunteers includes physicians, nurses, social workers, and artists. UFGH has operated international public health missions to Haiti (1993-2005), Jamaica (2006), and Ghana (2007)

Despite its many accomplishments in the field and its growing network of volunteers and clients, UFGH needed assistance improving its organizational structure to more effectively meet its new commitments. In addition to planning for their 2007 Ghana mission, UFGH was building their website, organizing new fundraising activities, structuring their board, and re-defining staff and volunteer roles within the organization. UFGH asked Globalhood to assist with these development issues, as well as with preparing for the Ghana mission.

Globalhood put together a team that was comprised of a social worker, a physician, and an international affairs consultant. We drafted an action plan with a timeline of three months that included a comprehensive review of their organizational structure, evaluation of project outcomes, and provision of specific recommendations. Simultaneously, we organized a number Globalhood interns to perform background research on malaria in preparation for the mission to Ghana in 2007.

The Globalhood Consultants produced an Organizational and Operational Manual, compiling existing information and providing concrete strategies regarding fundraising, human resources, organizational development, multidisciplinarity, project identification and reporting, and measuring and quantifying outcomes. To view an excerpt of the 55 page document, click here.


In 2007, GH was proud to partner with the UN-GIFT, a turning point in the fight against modern-day slavery. Globalhood and UN.GIFT both believe that strong cross-sectoral collaboration, incorporating a range of players including community based organizations, the private sector, and youth, is necessary to effectively address the complex issue of Human Trafficking. Globalhood supported the initiative by helping to engage the private sector in a Microsoft-led UN.GIFT coalition, and by proposing ideas for increased youth and grassroots community engagement in the process.[more info]

MotherNurture: Children for mothers. Nurturing mothers to nurture the world
GH worked with MotherNurture throughout 2007-8 to provide strategic advice, start-up assistance, and fiscal sponsorship. MN encourages children in India to come up with and act on innovative ideas to mobilize support for poor mothers. When poor mothers benefit, their families benefit as well. Children learn the joys of giving, volunteering, and becoming leaders.

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